Lifestage Transition

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planHELP have supported many families prepare for major life transitions. Whether you are starting or finishing school, exploring adulthood and ILO or SIL support for moving out of the family home, planhelp can offer expert guidance.

Lifestage Transition

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The transition from childhood into adulthood is marked by key lifestage transitions.  At different life stages, what is reasonable to expect off mainstream systems and through parental responsibility also changes.  It is reasonable to expect a parent to assist their 4 year old child with significant disabilities to shower and toilet, as the transition into adulthood occurs this is no longer age appropriate.

Once a child commences school, it is reasonable for the NDIA to consider disability support during school hours to be a mainstream responsibility.  When a child transitions into adulthood, there is no mainstream system to provide this support. For young adults still living in the family home, maintaining informal supports’ ability to provide ongoing care becomes a reasonable and necessary expectation and the value for money decision.

At planHELP we specialise in assisting families during these important life stages.  In particular the transition into post-school life. planHELP has supported many families achieve successful outcomes during these key stages in life, whether it is going to school for the first time, transitioning out of school, or transitioning out of the family home as an adult planHELP has extensive experience guiding families  to manage these important and high risk stages in life.

What Our Clients Say


I learnt more talking to Caroline for a few minutes than I have from any support coordinator for hours...she knew more and explained what I needed to do so well and made me confident enough to ask for what I needed HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED.


I have used this service when I decided to self manage my NDIS plan. I had a consultation and found it very easy to understand, setup and follow. The best part was that if I was unsure about something they were just a phone call away. Highly recommend this service to anyone starting their NDIS journey or needing NDIS information. Thanks again x


I would recommend Caroline Daley to anyone wanting to get the most out of the NDIS and their own plan. Her knowledge of the scheme, and lived experience of self managing her daughter Siobhan's plan, along with negotiating and employing staff, service agreements and navigating the maze of how you can use your funding - in fact anything NDIS is without equal! Anyone working with her and her team is bound to come out MUCH better off!


PlanHelp really know their stuff! It is great to work with Coordinators who understand the difference between various allied health roles, the scope of practice within professions, and the importance of a cohesive approach across a treatment team. PlanHelp have the difficult conversations with participants and their families so that they are ready for true lifelong gains to be made.

Lucy, Occupational therapist

At a time when a family member was unable to manage his own supports anymore, it was a high stress time for me, and the thought of taking over the NDIS planning and support, was overwhelming; wondering where to start and how would I be able to navigate this whole new world. I would never have been able to support my family to lead a fulfilling and independent life, without Sean and Caroline at planHELP supporting me. I am forever grateful for the huge assistance in navigating the unknown NDIS planning process, education given and help provided to me me to understand how it all works.


As a family with very 2 very complex needs children we wouldn't be where we are today without the support, perspective, advice and guidance that Caroline and Sean bring to the table. Our family would not function as it does and I believe the family unit itself would not be able to endure the overwhelm and exhaustion of trying to navigate a complex system that was designed to be extremely challenging. Caroline and Sean have achieved outcomes above and beyond anything that I thought possible due to their knowledge and experience. I wish there were more people out there like Sean and Caroline because every complex family needs a clone of them in their corner when navigating NDIS for the required level of support and care that our loved ones need to live a meaningful life.

Xx The Fielden Family xX Ann

Our Support Coordination team at Empowered Community Services recently had the opportunity to participate in training provided by planHelp. The content was relevant, the delivery engaging, and the insights invaluable. Team members expressed that it was the best training they've ever experienced, highlighting the real-world applicability of the lessons learned. planHelp's approach has empowered us with new skills that are already making a difference in our work. We appreciate their dedication and highly recommend their services to anyone seeking effective professional development.

Jonathon Owner/CEO Empowered communities.

I’m not sure how I stumbled across PlanHelp in my time of desperation but I count it as one of the biggest strokes of luck I’ve had. I was at my lowest ebb, after 10 years of trying to support my daughter who lives with with complex disability (Kury-Isidor Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Intellectual Disability, Short Stature) and trying to figure out how to navigate the system on my own, doing my best to find evidence and supports that my daughter needed and fighting the constant battle with the NDIA as they cut supports every plan review. 5 NDIS plans, 5 plan reviews and I was at breaking point. I am a fairly savvy well educated professional but it’s impossible to navigate when you don’t have a map. Caroline and Sean are my map. They gave me the advice I needed when I needed it, real talk (also when needed) and talked me off the cliff a few times too. Caroline’s lived experience and gentle but pragmatic manner are like a warm hug. Sean’s birdseye view of the system, incredible brain and no nonsense straight talk (no bullshit) is awe inspiring and gave us so much insight. Over a period of around six months the team took me through a change of circumstances review for my daughter’s plan. • They connected me with experts (speech & OT) who were able to provide the evidence the NDIA needs to support a plan that meets the needs of my daughter and our family • They built my capacity to understand how the NDIA works • They built my language and understanding around evidence and data in the disability context • They just got it. They weren’t shocked or scared by the experiences we have been living with and offered various pathways and approaches that had worked for others • Helped me to understand the various pathways available and make informed choices about which approach to take • Drafted the change of circumstances request • Attended the plan review meeting and guided the discussion. It’s not everyone who needs PlanHelp, but for those who do they are a lifeline.


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