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planHELP brings together community and public service expertise to help families and participants engage with the NDIS more efficiently.

planHELPs key staff have been working in various capacities in the NDIS since the beginning of trial in 2013 both inside the NDIA and in community capacity building and leadership roles.

We have an established network of relevant professionals who understand the processes required to effectively message support needs to the NDIA and partner organisations.

I would recommend Caroline Daley to anyone wanting to get the most out of the NDIS and their own plan. Her knowledge of the scheme, and lived experience of self managing her daughter Siobhan's plan, along with negotiating and employing staff, service agreements and navigating the maze of how you can use your funding - in fact anything NDIS is without equal! Anyone working with her and her team is bound to come out MUCH better off!


Australia’s Leading NDIS Experts

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LAC (Local Area Coordinator) vs. Support Coordinator:

Decoding the Differences

The NDIS ecosystem offers various support roles to assist participants in their journey, each with its distinct focus and responsibilities.  Two such roles often causing confusion are the LAC (Local Area Coordinator) and the Support Coordinator.  Let’s  dive deep and elucidate (this is the type of language the NDIS will use to confuse you…..it means explain) the key differences between them:


Registered NDIS Provider

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In our experience, no-one loves the NDIS – they need the support it can provide.

Our NDIS Registration number is: 4050083502


planHELP’s purpose is to support people to navigate the NDIS.

Current best practice says it takes 10,000 hours to master any skillset.

We offer training that gives you the benefit of that level of expertise.


Caroline is one of Australia’s foremost NDIA experts. Her NDIS journey started on 2 July, 2013 – the second day of Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme. Living in the NSW NDIS trial site of Newcastle, Caroline’s daughter, Siobhan (pronounced Shiv-von), was one of the first people to get an NDIS plan in Australia. She was 13 years old at the time and they went on to become the first family to self-manage an NDIS plan.

Since then, Caroline has taken on a number of roles assisting the NDIA, including writing the original NDIS documentation and fact sheets on self-management, becoming a qualified NDIS Assistive Technology Mentor, and speaking at dozens of events hosted by the NDIS all over the country.

The NDIA have referred to Caroline as a “pioneer”.

Caroline started planHELP when she realised there are thousands of Australians who are still struggling to create and action their NDIS plans. Given her first-hand experience with the NDIS she knows that beginning your plan can be overwhelming. She also knows how frustrating it can be when you face constant obstacles when trying to start your plan. This is why she is eager to use her knowledge and experience to help you achieve your NDIS goals, so you can access the funding and support you need to get on with life.


Have you ever thought that it would be great to have access to someone who worked at the NDIA for several years in different roles and has a great understanding of how the NDIS works from the inside?

Well, we have one at PlanHELP!

Sean’s career in the Australian public service has been focussed on helping people from varied backgrounds navigate complex systems while working for several Agencies and Departments, including 2014-2021 at the NDIA.

Sean’s experience as an NDIA delegate (planner) and Engagement Officer enables planHELP’s clients to gain an understanding of the NDIA’s expectations of evidence and assists clients gain a better understanding of how to successfully navigate the NDIS to achieve outcomes that are reasonable, evidence based, and value for money from the NDIAs perspective.  Sean’s extensive experience of navigating the NDIS from both sides of the fence allows our customers to meet the audience’s expectations and helps them achieve better outcomes.  On a personal level Sean is a proud father of a young daughter and Sean’s social science background allows Sean to have insights into effectively messaging to the NDIS that are very rare in the Cos and consultancy marketplace. Sean’s Academic and public service experience brings a wealth of knowledge to planHELP that supports our customers to gain confidence and expertise in how to manage their engagement with the NDIS.

Sean is able to let parents know why they have had difficulties in messaging their support needs to the NDIA and steps to address this.