Voting in the Federal Election on 18 May 2019

My 19 yo daughter has just had her first experience of voting. She did it electronically – using iVote online in the NSW State Elections a few weeks back. (That\’s Siobhan in the pic).

As a community that can be deeply impacted by policies of the Government of the Day, (Centrelink, NDIS, Housing, Health, Education, Justice) we are much more politically savvy than we give ourselves credit for.

The Democracy Sausage v Avoiding Polling Booths on Election Day 

I think it is time that we talk a bit more about what it means to vote, and don\’t just accept that it might be a \”bit hard\”, especially for our friends and family who have disabilities.  If you want to avoid Polling Booths, then check out the info here on how to do that as someone who has a disability or is a carer:  #AusPol Elections- Avoiding the Polling Booth

Wasting a Vote

Having worked in a Polling Booth during a State Election and counting the ballots afterwards, there are very clear rules as to which ballots are counted, and which are not. \”Wasting\” a vote is something some people clearly do with pride. Others just muck it up – it happens, and you won’t ever know.

If you have a rough idea of which side of politics you are on, then you grab a guide as you walk in the Polling Booth, and it will step you through exactly how to vote for your \”team\”.

The Australian Electoral Commission now publishes Easy Read information on the voting process; and many Disabled Peoples Organisations give an Easy Read run-down of the policies of the major parties.  Barriers that used to exist when it comes to voting are beginning to disappear.

Talk to the people you know, ask them if they are enrolled to vote –
as a community that is impacted by the policies of the Government of the Day,
we are politically savvy and more of us need to enrol and have our say.

For easy to follow instructions on how to enrol to vote:   Enrolling to Vote

If you think that there may be an exemption in place – get more information here:  Vote: Medical Exemption

You only have about a week to enrol to vote for this Federal Election.  If you don\’t make it in time, keep going through the process so you can vote next time around.