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Preparing for your NDIS Review meeting

PRINTABLE CHECKLIST: 10 Reasons why I haven\’t used my NDIS funding
Essential for documenting why you haven\’t used all your NDIS Funding.  More info in the Let\’s Talk posting 04/04/2019


Self Managing your NDIS Funds

PRINTABLE: MyPlace Payment Request Summary – Self Management record sheet
There are many ways to record your MyPlace payment requests.  This is clean, simple and just does the basics.

  • Handwrite in essential invoice details so you don\’t get \”timed out\” of the MyPlace Portal Payment Request Screen.
  • Track the Date you enter the claim to the NDIS and the Date you pay from your Bank Account
  • Record the Transaction number

PRINTABLE: Can I spend my fund on…?
The only answer to this question, and how the NDIS Legislation supports you to be brave and backs you through to the AAT

Mainstream Mondays

The world is changing.  The NDIS calls this \”Mainstream Supports\” – Let\’s Talk about how to make the most of what is on offer

#AusPol Elections: Early Voting 
Learn about the Democracy Sausage, options to avoid the polling booth (and make sure you are enrolled to vote)