Why people are losing their Reasonable and Necessary NDIS Support Budgets

Looking at Liberal Treasurer Josh Frydenbergs\’ Federal Budget this week, there can be no denying that a huge chunk of funding is being removed from the NDIS.  However, Social Services Minister Paul Fletcher said:

\”Not one cent will be cut from participants\’ NDIS plans as a result of the 2019-20 Budget\”

Fabululous!  Let\’s hold him to this.  Because it is not what I am seeing; it\’s not what my friends and family are experiencing this year. Let\’s make 2019-2020 the year that we push back.  The year that we ensure that Reasonable and Necessary NDIS Support Budgets continue to be funded appropriately when the reason for any underspend is completely out of control of the Participant.

Here, at planHELP we have put together the top ten reasons that we have heard about why people have not spent all their funds.  From the many people who did not know they had active NDIS plans, through those who could not get support from their LAC or CoS when they needed it.

Those who were done a huge disservice by their CoS –  being told they only had 10 hours of funding each week – when they needed, and had been given a Reasonable and Necessary Support Budget of 20 hours per week.  I\’d like to know where the liability for this lies should that plan be cut!

Also those who are experiencing \”Thin Markets\”.  Again, don\’t get fooled by NDIS-Speak that actually means \”No Providers with capacity in the area\”.

10 Reasons why I haven’t used my NDIS funding

Many of us get anxious before our NDIS Plan Reviews.  Even more so when we are hearing stories of people losing necessary funding because they haven’t been able to use all of the budget in their last plan.

These are the most common reasons we hear as to why funding hasn’t been used during the life of a plan:

  • I didn’t even know I had a plan until it was ___ months old
  • I had my plan for ___ months before my LAC got in contact with me
  • I was on a ___ month waiting list before I could speak with my CoS
  • My CoS was inexperienced and used all my funding so they could learn their job. I didn’t get the support I needed
  • I was told by ___ that I had x hours of funding to use each week.  I had twice/____ that
  • I couldn’t get hold of my LAC/CoS when I needed support
  • My plan was set up to be Agency Managed and I specifically wanted to use providers who were not registered
  • My Support Provider couldn’t do what I needed, but kept telling me ‘soon’ so I kept waiting
  • There are no providers available who have the skills I need
  • There are no providers in my area (at all, or with vacancies, or who I will use)


Make sure you are properly prepared for your NDIS Plan Review meeting:

  • Know what you have spent, know what you haven’t spent (your underspend)
  • Use the list above and tick all the reasons why you haven’t spent the funds
  • Be able to explain why you will be able to get the supports you need during the next plan
  • If you can’t get supports because there are no providers currently in your area, do NOT accept “Thin Markets” or “Market Failure” as a reason to reduce your plan.

This is your life. These are the Reasonable and Necessary Supports that you need to live it.

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__ Caroline Daley